Steel Protection 101: An Overview of Fireproofing Structural Steel

Gain a basic understanding of how to help protect structural steel in buildings through effective use of fireproofing systems.

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There are various ways to protect exposed structural steel in the event of a fire, whether in an airport, shopping mall, or in a commercial building. This presentation will provide an overview of different methods of steel protection with a focus on IFRM (intumescent fire resistive material). Participants will gain an understanding of key terminology associated with this application and how the different types of protection are designed to function in the event of a fire. You will also learn how intumescent steel protection is installed and what to consider during the design process, from an aesthetic standpoint as well as how to understand critical design elements found on the UL listings.

This course is approved through AIA for 1.0 LU l HSW.


In this video we will introduce the reasons why structural steel needs protection from fire.

Key Terminology

In this video we introduce the key terminology used in the field of steel protection.

How Intumescent Works

In this video we provide a brief overview of how intumescent coatings work to minimize damage to structural steel.

Design Parameters for Structural Steel

This video will discuss design parameters for structural steel, how steel reacts during a fire, the role of intumescent coatings to help protect steel, and how to use UL listings.

How IFRM is Installed

In this video we cover how to cover IFRM installations and things to keep in mind during the installation process.

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