PROFIS Anchor: Integrating Software into Anchor Design

Gain a basic understanding the means and methods for evaluating anchor systems, including hand calculations, load tables, and anchor design software.

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There are various means and methods to approach anchoring application calculations. The purpose of this presentation is to provide an overview of these means and methods, which include hand calculations, load tables, and anchor design software. The primary focus of the course will be the execution of two design examples – one static load and one seismic load – in PROFIS Anchor software. The goal in utilizing PROFIS is to introduce the capabilities and ease of use of anchor design software. There will also be discussion of the design strength calculations per ACI 318 anchoring-to-concrete provisions (generated in the software’s design report), and best practices for implementing anchoring systems into project design. 

This course is accredited through NCSEA Diamond Review for 1.0 hour of continuing education credit.

Opening / Various Anchor Design Calculation Methods

This section will provide an overview of how anchors are qualified for use in design under the International Building Code (IBC). It will introduce and elaborate on the advantages and disadvantages of...

Anchor Software Design Example #1 - Static Load
Morgan Morgan

In this section you will learn how to create a new project in anchor design software, establish the code for your design (ACI or CSA), and select the type of anchor for the design (cast-in or post-ins...

Software Design Example #2 - Seismic Load
Morgan Morgan

This design example will involve the creation of a new project similar to the first design example, except this time there will be emphasis on how to input seismic parameters. As in the first example,...

Summary / Available Resources

This section will provide a summary of the course's key learning objectives and provide resources available to designers to take the education and apply it to design practice.

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