Firestop 101: A Life Safety Issue

Get an overview of the major aspects of firestopping and applicable code requirements.

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This course explains the need for firestop and provides an overview of how the model building codes are addressing the issue. Attendees should understand what firestopping is and why it’s needed, know the applicable code requirements related to firestop, and understand firestop system testing and listing for penetrations, joints and perimeter fire barrier. There will also be discussion about how firestopping fits into the specification, design and construction process.

Instructor: Jonathan Hodges


In this video we will provide a quick summary of the learning objectives to be covered in the course.


In this segment we will cover some examples of why we aim to incorporate Fire Stopping into the construction process, go over the concept of compartmentation, explain what effect smoke has in fires an...


In this video we cover the many factors that affect the performance of firestop systems, what tests are conducted to ensure performance of firestop systems is assured and what code provisions ensure g...


We will now look at how to specify firestop systems most effectively. We will cover aspects such as compatibility, inspections, code requirements and standard firestop details.


In this section we will show you some examples from the field of incorrectly and correctly installed firestop systems.


In this chapter we will provide a brief overview of Hilti's portfolio of firestop products as well the engineering services we can offer.


We will wrap up this webinar with some frequently asked questions about Firestop systems.

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