DX 101: Power Actuated Fastening Technology

Gain a basic understanding of power actuated technology (PAF), including codes, standards and approvals with which the products must comply.

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In order to convey this message effectively, the basics of the technology will be summarized, such as the way the tool works, safety standards to help to ensure user safety, and specific fastener characteristics which have been developed to advance the product technology. This presentation will educate and display the new technologies related to power actuated tools and fasteners as well as tools and resources structural engineers and specifiers can use in order to confidently utilize power actuated fasteners in their designs.

Introduction / Background Theory

Learn the various types of power actuated fastening systems, the types of fasteners that can be used within these tools, and finally the holding mechanisms the fasteners utilize to help securely faste...

Application Overview

Discussion of the various applications power actuated fastening systems can be used for across several construction trades

Codes & Standards

How power actuated fasteners fit into the International Building Code, ICC, AISI, and ASCE. Also includes discussion on the different potential failure modes of the various fasteners

Product Developments

Introduction to the new technologies available in the industry, including full-tip knurling and blunt-tip threaded studs

Technical Resources and Tips

Why power actuated fastenings are reliable and promote productivity and safety. There is also information on design resources in the office and in the field available today

Proper Fastening of Powder-Actuated Systems

See the considerations to take in order to make a proper fastening with powder-actuated fasteners. This will help the viewer better understand what needs to be considered on jobsites for these applica...

Frequently Asked Questions

Discussion on certain topics based on feedback from designers and contractors to address common concerns and comments

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