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Bryan Moderator
thanks for your answer. my my question is specifically about D. or, which requires the anchoring element to be ductile as defined , my question is: in which part of ESR of a Hilti anchor, I can understand that it is ductile anchor or not based on ductility definition based on ACI. for sure based on ACI 355.2 and ACI 355.4 we should have specific test procedure for evaluating of ductility.
Randy Moderator
when you choose the ductile mode of design in seismic, all mechanical anchors are filtered. I just want to know why any of mechanical anchors did not considered as ductile anchors.
thanks for your answer. is there any where in ESR of an anchor, which mentioned whether this anchor is ductile or not. how an engineer can be sure that this anchor is ductile or not. (result of relevant test on elongation and reduction in area I mean)